Personal Storage

Moving Home

Moving house is one of the most stressful experiences of our lives. At Lockley Self Storage we aim to make the storage part of the move easy.

Whether you just need short term storage while you actually move, or longer term storage while finding the perfect home, then we have a suitable container for you.

Estate agents all agree that the best way to present your home for sale is if it is completely decluttered.

Home Renovation

House renovation can cause a lot of dust and mess. Keep your valuable furniture and possessions safe at Lockley Self Storage.

Our storage facility enables your belongings to be kept in a secure environment, ready to be moved back in when the work is done.

Home Decoration

The easy way to decorate is when the rooms are empty. Store your valuable furniture and possessions at Lockley Self Storage, then when the paint is dry they will be clean and tidy ready to move back in.

Household Overflow

Have you outgrown your home, but don’t want to move? Have the children got more stuff than you could ever imagine?

Have your belongings taken over your space? Then we have a storage container for you.

Craft and Hobby Storage

Is your hobby taking over your house, do you need a little extra space in your life? Then we have the facilities that can help you.

Furniture Storage

Have you got more furniture than you need? Have you been given furniture by family and friends but don’t need it at the moment? Then here at Lockley Self Storage we have a range of containers that can help to solve the problem.


Security our Priority
Clean, dry, individual units
Short or Long term hire
Unlimited access, 8am to 6pm, 7 days a week
Easy access with car or van
Competitive prices